“Design is a solution to a problem. Art is a question to a problem.”

- John Maeda

Design Process

Helping you creating logos, illustrations, web & mob app design or a complete website. Here I'll walk you through the process of how the sausage or (if you are plant based) tofu gets made.

Strategy and Research

Conversations based around research and your vision. The first step is to always have that initial conversation about what the goals of your project are, any challenges that may be faced, and exploring all solutions.

User Experience

This is where we create the skeleton of your site, logo and go over the emotional response you want your audience to have when using your product. This step provides an opportunity to get a final look at how things will be laid out.


By the end of this phase you'll have a beautiful vector design for your application, website, or business. I create small milestones for us to reach that give us a chance to go over feedback and make sure that your design is as pixel perfect as possible.

Production & Testing

For those getting a website, this provides you with the functionality behind the design. I am a designer but one who also knows how to code which allows me to create a practical design for your project.



Illustrations / Graphics

Initial consultation call
Client questionnaire
Pinterest board
Six unique designs options
Two rounds of revisions

Project Timeline 1-2 weeks


Initial consultation call
Client questionnaire
3 original logo concepts
3 revisions to one concept
Logo in one design format

Project Timeline 1-2 weeks*



Initial consultation call
Client questionnaire
2 Unique designs
4 Rounds of Revisions
2D Product Mockup

Project Timeline 2-4 weeks*


Initial consultation call
Client questionnaire
Content organization
Fully responsive
30 mins of website training

Project Timeline 4-8 weeks*

Additional Services

Business Cards


Double sided flyer

T-shirt Illustration

Website Design


Banner Ad (non-animated)

Instagram 20 Posts Pack (Canva)

Book cover + back + spine

Menu design

Mobile app prototype (in Marvel)

Sticker designs:

“Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.”
-Neville Brody